Raise the barrier function with regimen for sensitive skin.

Hydrate and restore….

Extra gentle, super moisturizing formula. Derived from carefully selected plants and mineral rich deep sea water.
Recommended for those with sensitive skin or extremely dry skin.

The significance of daily skincare

Viphyse Soap Refiner


(For sensitive skin)
・72g / 2.5 oz
Gently removes impurities while keeping the necessary moisture without leaving your skin taut or dry.
For sensitive skin and extremely dry skin caused by lowered barrier function. Creamy, soft lather will gently cleanse your delicate skin.

Viphyse Moisturizer


(For sensitive skin )
・80ml / 2.7 oz
Provides necessary moisture to your dry skin through the Micro-Moisture-Delivery system.
Smooth milky lotion full of emollients that will not leave your skin feeling sticky. It improves your skin's moisture retaining function and tones your skin to be soft and supple. Micro-Moisture-Delivery system delivers micro-sized emollients throughout the keratin layer, fully hydrating your skin.

Viphyse Nourishment


(For sensitive skin)
・30g / 1 oz
The emollient veil helps retain the moisture within your skin and keep the stimulants away.
Prevents water loss by coating the skin with a thin film, and prevents the stimulants from irritating the skin. By creating a lamellar structure whithin the keratin layer, it supports the function of intercelluar lipids. Use with Viphyse Moisturizer to bring out true ability of your skin and improve the barrier function to regain healthy, radiant skin.