The Mineral

A gift to your skin – the luxurious 3 step skincare

Wamiles advocated ” The quest for beauty” as the eternal theme since the company was founded in 1980. The foundation of our creation were pursued through the possibilities of minerals. Our continuous efforts in product development have crystallized into The Mineral Line – the skincare line for women who desire to achieve a higher level of beauty.

Experience the effects of the highest grade minerals.

The ultimate skincare created by the wisdom of Wamiles


Mineral Soap

The Mineral Soap

Gently caress your skin with silky smooth,
mineral rich foam for a natural refreshing feeling

The rich lather that gently caress your skin for the ultimate cleansing experience of freshness and resilience, a moisturized and silky smooth touch- the triple effect will bring you the ultimate in cleansing sensations never experienced before. Achieve celar, smooth, and supple skin every time you cleanse.
(Formulated with CSW III, Rare Clay, Platinum iron)
・110g / 3.9 oz


The Mineral Lotion

Unfold the beginning of life with Bio Liqueur
Deep-sea water yeast derived Bio Liqueur ( the equivalent of amniotic fluid for skin cells), the Cosmic Mineral, and Condensend sea water will condition and control the environment deep within your skin cells to nurture your skin. From the moment you apply the lotion, you can feel the luxurious sensation as it spreads and thoroughly hydrates your skin. The micro-moisture delivery system creates pathways in between your cells to help moisture reach the deepest layers of your skin.
(Formulated with Cosmic Mineral, CSW II, Bio Liqueur, Active Hyaluronic Acid Complex, ATP, CoQ10)
・100ml /3.4 fl.oz


Minera Cream

The Mineral Cream

Fill your cells with vitalic energy
Three step nano-emulsion: A gel-like network of microscopic capsules filled with vital skincare nutrients. The luxurious nutrients reqired to raise the skin cells' vital energy are released upon contact with your skin, traveling along the microscopic pathways created by The Mineral Lotion. The Double Lifting Effect will have immediate and long term effects on your skin to restore your skin's vibrance and beauty, from inside and out.
(Formulated with Cosmic Mineral, CSW II, Lithospermum Officinale Root Extect, Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract, Astaxsanthin, CoQ10)
・48g / 1.7 oz