Enhance your beauty

Wamiles Make-up Series was born with the purpose of protecting your skin, to further augment your natural beauty.

Rebirth starting with your lips

The Lip Stick

The Lip Bass

Achieve dramatically defined lips!
Proprietary ingredients brings you the Synergy Work!

"It's always dry, Chapped, and dull..."
"I want moisture, skincare and long lasting colors in one."

Women seek "Moisture,""Care" and "Glamour" in lip items nowadays. The lip collection is aiming to maintain and improve the quality of these characteristics. To do so, it is nesessary to have a lipstick that has an effect as a base that will enhance the lip condition, and at the same time express beautiful colors to supplement your beauty. Both are equally important in bringing out your beauty.

Wamiles developed a proprietary formula common to both the Lip Base and the Lip Stick that will excel when used together. That is called the Synergy Work!

With skincare ingredients, capture the gorgeous lip you have always been dreaming of!

Lift up your lips from both inside and out!

Sleek and sheen. Brilliant, longer lasting colors!

2 Textures & 12 Shades
Create your natural skin
Liquid Control -A-
・1.01 fl.oz / 30ml
Creates clear and smooth veil over your skin for a flawless finish. The makeup base prepares your skin before applying the foundation.
Liquid Foundation -A-
・1.01 fl.oz / 30ml
All season foundation. Provides maximum coverage when applied in layers, long lasting, flawless finish.
For a slightly look
Pure Beige(147)
For a lively, natural look
Rose Beige(148)
A pinkish tone that makes your skin look warm
White Beige(149)
A bright beige that matches all skin tones well. For kith skin tone
※Colors might be different between product and PC display.

Discover your color
FACE The Colors 36

FACE The Colors 4

FACE The Colors 2
A smart collection of great colors and textures that empower you to reinvent yourself.

The concept for Wamiles’ “The Colors” makeup line is 「I」, which stands for
The line is grouped into four different color tones and will empower you to discover a new side of you.

The eye shadow collection consists of an array of shades carefully created with beauty and balance in mind. For our matte colors, we have experimented with the slightest difference in the degree of shine; for shades with shimmer, we have incorporated various kinds of pearly sparkles and an array of different sized lamé. The intricate selection process and our pickiness for the right kind and amount of ingredients bring out the best in every color of The Colors eye shadow collection. The soft, smooth textures are another great feature, which were achieved by incorporating our original beauty ingredients-so even the eye makeup, which tends to get dry and flake off as the hours pass by, will remain moist and continue adorned to your eyes for hours on end.

Customize your own palette colors

Feel free to select your choice of colors to create a personalized color palette with The Colors makeup line. Create your own, personalized set of shades in a portable case.