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Over 70 kinds of vitamins, minereals, amino-acids and other nutrients supplement your daily health!

Bio Support

Bio Support

1.2g x 36 packets
First introduced in Japan in 1994, Bio Support has been providing necessary, well balanced nutrients that are hard to obtain through our daily diet. Take 1 to 5 packets a day, with or without water.
Natural ingredients at its best

Natural anti-biotic. Formulated with supercritical extraction propolis which is known to have anti-inflammation and allergy suppression effects.

A polyphenol"Cassis Anthocyanin"is known to relive eyestrain & dry eye. Cassis has the best effect compared to other berries.

FD Mineral Essence
Freeze dried wamiles Proprietary mineral blend derived from natural hot springs in Japan. Special method is used to extract natural minerals.

Condensed Sea Water
Deep sea water concentrate. Contains minerals such as Mg, Ca, Potassium, and Iron. Proprietary formula.

Rosa Roxburghii Extract
Derived from Rosa Roxburghii Tratt fruit. Contains about 27 times more vitamin C than lemon. Also contains 18 types of amino acids, 10 types of minerals & 6 types of vitamins.

Rooibos Tea Extract
Non-caffeinated, low tannin tea from South Africa, often referred to as the "miracle tea." Contains protein and various minerals as well as flavonoid, which can act as anti-oxidant.

Lactic Yeast
Contains well balanced minerals, vitamin B & C, amino acids and other nutrients necessary to give energy to the body.

Milk Calcium
A calcium derived from milk which is rich in minerals.

Coenzyme Q10
An anti-oxidant and a necessary substance for the body's energy production in a cellular level.

Natural sweetner. Anti-oxidant.
Over 70 types of nutrients supplement your health.
Minerals Calcium / Iron / Phosphorus / Sodium / Potassium / Zinc / Magnesium / Copper / Manganese Cobalt / Chrome / Nickel / Rubidium / Titanium / Molybdenum / Lithium / Selenium / Barium

Amino-acidsLysine / Methionine / Cystine / Tryptophane / Valine / Leucine / Isoleucine / Histidine / Threonine / Phenylalanine / Asparagine acid / Alanine / Serine / Glutamic acid / Proline / Glycine / Tyrosine / Arginine

CarbohydratesOligosaccharide / Isoinositol Glycogen / Galactomannan / Glucogalectin / Glucomannan

Fatty AcidsButyric acid / Lauric acid / Myristic acid / Pentadecanoic acid / Palamitic acid / Palmitoleic acid / Heptadecanoic acid / Stearic acid / Oleic acid / Linoleic acid / Linolein / Arachidonic acid / Eicosenoic acid

Vitamins and other nutrientsVitamin B1 / Vitamin B2 / Folic acid / Niacin / Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B12 / Pantothenic acid / Biotin / Vitamin C / Vitamin E / Tannin / Choline / Flavonoid / Rutin / Nucleic acid / Beta-carotene / Coenzyme Q10