3Step Q&A

Wamiles’ basic 3-step skin care has stood the test of time, and the reason for its popularity lies in the fact that the system consists of 3 simple steps-cleansing, moisturizing, and conditioning-which enhance each others effectiveness when they are used together.

The pH level of the skin was taken into great consideration in coming up with this 3-step system so that it works most effectively on your skin. The pH refers to a scale, or a measure, of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. When a solution is more acidic, it has astringency and disinfects the protein in the skin, and the more alkaline the solution, it restores moisture in the skin.


The pH of healthy skin is slightly acidic. When facial soap is used, the surface of the skin becomes alkalified, opening up the pores and allowing dirt to wash off more easily. Wamiles’ cleansers contain natural minerals so they effectively cleanse while maintaining the skin’s moisture. When cleansing before putting on makeup, the cleanser should be used in conjunction with the Skin Emulsion. Wamiles’ facial soap is gentle on skin, so even when you want to cleanse twice to thoroughly remove makeup, it will do its job without being harsh.


A clean, fresh skin with its opened up pores after cleansing has high absorbency, and this is an excellent condition to pat in Wamiles’ creams which are abundant in minerals and vitamins. With repeated use, the skin will become noticeably softer yet firmer, creating skin that absorbs vitamins and minerals more easily, resulting in better, healthier skin.


In the final step, the pores are tightened and restore the skin to its natural pH level. A slightly acidic skin surface is the most effective in working as a barrier against various irritants. Wamiles’ conditioner supplies the skin with moisture while sustaining a skin that is strong against UV rays and dryness.

How to use 3step

Further explore the effectiveness of Wamiles’ 3-step basic skin care by looking at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: It may be my age, but regardless of using Wamiles’ 3-step skin care products, I have noticed the loss of firmness of my skin.
A: In order to give firmness to the skin, we suggest increasing the amount of moisturizer. An amount equivalent to the size of about 7~8 pearl beads can be applied. This amount should allow you to pat the moisturizer into the skin for about 3 minutes, and the combination of more moisturizer and patting will increase the blood flow of the skin, improving the firmness and moisture level. Be generous with the conditioner afterwards as well. We also recommend adding BioCell Vitalizer αII to your daily routine since it will improve the effectiveness of the exfoliation, which should be used once a month.

Q: Although I have been taking care of the skin on my face, I’ve noticed sagging in the skin around my neck…
A: Signs of aging, like sagging of the skin and wrinkles, seem to appear around one’s neck more prominently, because the skin around the neck is thin and more prone to dryness. Changing the way you cleanse can significantly improve this problem. We recommend cleansing the neck area with the Emulsion AND facial soap just like you would on your face. Wash gently, and since it is slightly more difficult to pat the neck than the face when moisturizing, use more moisturizer. Finish off with a little bit of Extra Milk from Wamiles’ body care line, applying the moisturizer from the bottom of the neck to the top so as to gently lift the skin. The skin on your neck area down to your collarbone should be treated just like the skin on your face.

Q: My biggest problem is the wrinkles on my face. I seem to appear much older than my actual age…
A: Try adding a cream mask to your regular regimen. We recommend applying a thicker layer of cream to your face when you bathe, while there is an increase in your blood circulation, allowing for a higher absorbency of moisture and effective ingredients. When you don’t have the time, cover your face with plastic wrap after you have applied a coat of the cream, and then place a hot towel (heated in the microwave) on top of the plastic wrap. In both cases, wait 5~10 minutes, then pat the cream into the skin. Finish off by applying enough conditioner to restore and trap in the moisture.

Q: I always have pimples and acne…
A: Most of the pimples/acne occurs because dirt and the oil secreted from the sebum are not properly washed away and clog the pores, leaving an environment for the bacteria to be bred. The way you cleanse may be the problem. We recommend taking at least 5 pumps of the Emulsion and gently spreading it over the face in a circular motion so the oil is lifted off of the skin. After emulsifying 4~5 times with warm water, rinse off thoroughly. Facial soap should be lathered into thick, dense foam and applied onto the face in a circular motion. After thoroughly cleansing and applying moisturizer, use a generous amount of conditioner to restrain the cultivation of bacteria in the pores.

Q: I sense a stickiness of the moisturizer on my skin depending on the time of the year and the condition of my skin…
A: Your skin may feel somewhat stickier in the summer months, but you should continue with your daily regime so all the time and efforts trying to improve the condition of your skin aren’t put to waste. Adjusting the amount of moisturizer applied can easily solve the problem, as well as how you pat it onto your skin. Take a little less moisturizer than you normally would and after you spread it over your face, try gently patting for 3 minutes. It is also effective to use our conditioner, which acts to tighten the pores. Pat lightly so that your wrist moves in a circular motion, simultaneously waving cool air onto the surface of the skin. This helps tighten the pores and trap in moisture, and leave the skin feeling fresh and purified.

Q: My skin suffers from extreme dryness, and in the winter it gets to the point where it flakes…
A: Dry skin is also very sensitive, so you may need to treat it with extra care during your daily skin care routine. Spread about 3 pumps of Emulsion over your face, then rinse off quickly after emulsifying with warm water. When cleansing with facial soap, begin with your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and rinse off within less than a minute. Always use lukewarm water when rinsing. After you apply a generous amount of moisturizer, use both of your hands to wrap around and pat your face so the moisturizer is absorbed into the skin. Then apply Subskin Lipid and gently pat your face. This extra step will improve the absorption of the conditioner that should follow.