Enhance your beauty

Wamiles Make-up Series was born with the purpose of protecting your skin, to further augment your natural beauty.

Rebirth starting with your lips

The Lip Stick

The Lip Bass

Achieve dramatically defined lips!
Proprietary ingredients brings you the Synergy Work!

"It's always dry, Chapped, and dull..."
"I want moisture, skincare and long lasting colors in one."

Women seek "Moisture,""Care" and "Glamour" in lip items nowadays. The lip collection is aiming to maintain and improve the quality of these characteristics. To do so, it is nesessary to have a lipstick that has an effect as a base that will enhance the lip condition, and at the same time express beautiful colors to supplement your beauty. Both are equally important in bringing out your beauty.

Wamiles developed a proprietary formula common to both the Lip Base and the Lip Stick that will excel when used together. That is called the Synergy Work!

With skincare ingredients, capture the gorgeous lip you have always been dreaming of!

Lift up your lips from both inside and out!

Sleek and sheen. Brilliant, longer lasting colors!

2 Textures & 12 Shades
Create your natural skin
Liquid Control -A-
・1.01 fl.oz / 30ml
Creates clear and smooth veil over your skin for a flawless finish. The makeup base prepares your skin before applying the foundation.
Liquid Foundation -A-
・1.01 fl.oz / 30ml
All season foundation. Provides maximum coverage when applied in layers, long lasting, flawless finish.
For a slightly look
Pure Beige(147)
For a lively, natural look
Rose Beige(148)
A pinkish tone that makes your skin look warm
White Beige(149)
A bright beige that matches all skin tones well. For kith skin tone
※Colors might be different between product and PC display.

Discover your color
FACE The Colors 36

FACE The Colors 4

FACE The Colors 2
A smart collection of great colors and textures that empower you to reinvent yourself.

The concept for Wamiles’ “The Colors” makeup line is 「I」, which stands for
The line is grouped into four different color tones and will empower you to discover a new side of you.

The eye shadow collection consists of an array of shades carefully created with beauty and balance in mind. For our matte colors, we have experimented with the slightest difference in the degree of shine; for shades with shimmer, we have incorporated various kinds of pearly sparkles and an array of different sized lamé. The intricate selection process and our pickiness for the right kind and amount of ingredients bring out the best in every color of The Colors eye shadow collection. The soft, smooth textures are another great feature, which were achieved by incorporating our original beauty ingredients-so even the eye makeup, which tends to get dry and flake off as the hours pass by, will remain moist and continue adorned to your eyes for hours on end.

Customize your own palette colors

Feel free to select your choice of colors to create a personalized color palette with The Colors makeup line. Create your own, personalized set of shades in a portable case.


3Step Q&A

Wamiles’ basic 3-step skin care has stood the test of time, and the reason for its popularity lies in the fact that the system consists of 3 simple steps-cleansing, moisturizing, and conditioning-which enhance each others effectiveness when they are used together.

The pH level of the skin was taken into great consideration in coming up with this 3-step system so that it works most effectively on your skin. The pH refers to a scale, or a measure, of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. When a solution is more acidic, it has astringency and disinfects the protein in the skin, and the more alkaline the solution, it restores moisture in the skin.


The pH of healthy skin is slightly acidic. When facial soap is used, the surface of the skin becomes alkalified, opening up the pores and allowing dirt to wash off more easily. Wamiles’ cleansers contain natural minerals so they effectively cleanse while maintaining the skin’s moisture. When cleansing before putting on makeup, the cleanser should be used in conjunction with the Skin Emulsion. Wamiles’ facial soap is gentle on skin, so even when you want to cleanse twice to thoroughly remove makeup, it will do its job without being harsh.


A clean, fresh skin with its opened up pores after cleansing has high absorbency, and this is an excellent condition to pat in Wamiles’ creams which are abundant in minerals and vitamins. With repeated use, the skin will become noticeably softer yet firmer, creating skin that absorbs vitamins and minerals more easily, resulting in better, healthier skin.


In the final step, the pores are tightened and restore the skin to its natural pH level. A slightly acidic skin surface is the most effective in working as a barrier against various irritants. Wamiles’ conditioner supplies the skin with moisture while sustaining a skin that is strong against UV rays and dryness.

How to use 3step

Further explore the effectiveness of Wamiles’ 3-step basic skin care by looking at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: It may be my age, but regardless of using Wamiles’ 3-step skin care products, I have noticed the loss of firmness of my skin.
A: In order to give firmness to the skin, we suggest increasing the amount of moisturizer. An amount equivalent to the size of about 7~8 pearl beads can be applied. This amount should allow you to pat the moisturizer into the skin for about 3 minutes, and the combination of more moisturizer and patting will increase the blood flow of the skin, improving the firmness and moisture level. Be generous with the conditioner afterwards as well. We also recommend adding BioCell Vitalizer αII to your daily routine since it will improve the effectiveness of the exfoliation, which should be used once a month.

Q: Although I have been taking care of the skin on my face, I’ve noticed sagging in the skin around my neck…
A: Signs of aging, like sagging of the skin and wrinkles, seem to appear around one’s neck more prominently, because the skin around the neck is thin and more prone to dryness. Changing the way you cleanse can significantly improve this problem. We recommend cleansing the neck area with the Emulsion AND facial soap just like you would on your face. Wash gently, and since it is slightly more difficult to pat the neck than the face when moisturizing, use more moisturizer. Finish off with a little bit of Extra Milk from Wamiles’ body care line, applying the moisturizer from the bottom of the neck to the top so as to gently lift the skin. The skin on your neck area down to your collarbone should be treated just like the skin on your face.

Q: My biggest problem is the wrinkles on my face. I seem to appear much older than my actual age…
A: Try adding a cream mask to your regular regimen. We recommend applying a thicker layer of cream to your face when you bathe, while there is an increase in your blood circulation, allowing for a higher absorbency of moisture and effective ingredients. When you don’t have the time, cover your face with plastic wrap after you have applied a coat of the cream, and then place a hot towel (heated in the microwave) on top of the plastic wrap. In both cases, wait 5~10 minutes, then pat the cream into the skin. Finish off by applying enough conditioner to restore and trap in the moisture.

Q: I always have pimples and acne…
A: Most of the pimples/acne occurs because dirt and the oil secreted from the sebum are not properly washed away and clog the pores, leaving an environment for the bacteria to be bred. The way you cleanse may be the problem. We recommend taking at least 5 pumps of the Emulsion and gently spreading it over the face in a circular motion so the oil is lifted off of the skin. After emulsifying 4~5 times with warm water, rinse off thoroughly. Facial soap should be lathered into thick, dense foam and applied onto the face in a circular motion. After thoroughly cleansing and applying moisturizer, use a generous amount of conditioner to restrain the cultivation of bacteria in the pores.

Q: I sense a stickiness of the moisturizer on my skin depending on the time of the year and the condition of my skin…
A: Your skin may feel somewhat stickier in the summer months, but you should continue with your daily regime so all the time and efforts trying to improve the condition of your skin aren’t put to waste. Adjusting the amount of moisturizer applied can easily solve the problem, as well as how you pat it onto your skin. Take a little less moisturizer than you normally would and after you spread it over your face, try gently patting for 3 minutes. It is also effective to use our conditioner, which acts to tighten the pores. Pat lightly so that your wrist moves in a circular motion, simultaneously waving cool air onto the surface of the skin. This helps tighten the pores and trap in moisture, and leave the skin feeling fresh and purified.

Q: My skin suffers from extreme dryness, and in the winter it gets to the point where it flakes…
A: Dry skin is also very sensitive, so you may need to treat it with extra care during your daily skin care routine. Spread about 3 pumps of Emulsion over your face, then rinse off quickly after emulsifying with warm water. When cleansing with facial soap, begin with your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and rinse off within less than a minute. Always use lukewarm water when rinsing. After you apply a generous amount of moisturizer, use both of your hands to wrap around and pat your face so the moisturizer is absorbed into the skin. Then apply Subskin Lipid and gently pat your face. This extra step will improve the absorption of the conditioner that should follow.

Hair Care

Beautiful Hair through essintial mineral

Skin care products for hair and scalp that keeps your hair healthy and beautiful.

Moist Clean Hair Shampoo

The amino-acid shampoo that gently cleans your hair and scalp to give firmness, body and shine to your hair. Formulated with mineral rich spring water, plant derived essence and emollients. Biodegradable formula and refill is available to reduce environmental burdens.
・300ml / 10.14 fl.oz

Deep Moist Hair Conditioner

Deep-Moist Hair Conditioner nourishes your hair damaged by hair dryer, brushing, perm or bleaching, and revives it into beautiful, firm, shiny, and healthier hair. Use every other shampoo.
・150ml / 5.07 fl.oz

Body Care

Treat yourself for silky soft skin

Revive the skin with 3step dody care




Body Concentrate
Extra Soap

A gentle body wash that can be used on dry or delicate skin. The amino-acid based body wash will wash away inpurities and sweat, while leaving the necessary moisture in the skin.
・300ml / 10.14 fl.oz
Body Concentrate
Toning Water

The well-balanced mineral rich formula will keep your entire body hydrated. Restore the moisture balance for resilient and firm skin.
・200ml / 7.05 fl.oz
Body Concentrate
Extra Milk

Creates a thin, smooth veil over your body to prevent dehydration and dryness. Formulated with ceramide to help maintain your skin's barrier function.
・200g / 7.05 oz

Health Care

Boost your energy and enhance your inner beauty

Take your daily vitamins

Over 70 kinds of vitamins, minereals, amino-acids and other nutrients supplement your daily health!

Bio Support

Bio Support

1.2g x 36 packets
First introduced in Japan in 1994, Bio Support has been providing necessary, well balanced nutrients that are hard to obtain through our daily diet. Take 1 to 5 packets a day, with or without water.
Natural ingredients at its best

Natural anti-biotic. Formulated with supercritical extraction propolis which is known to have anti-inflammation and allergy suppression effects.

A polyphenol"Cassis Anthocyanin"is known to relive eyestrain & dry eye. Cassis has the best effect compared to other berries.

FD Mineral Essence
Freeze dried wamiles Proprietary mineral blend derived from natural hot springs in Japan. Special method is used to extract natural minerals.

Condensed Sea Water
Deep sea water concentrate. Contains minerals such as Mg, Ca, Potassium, and Iron. Proprietary formula.

Rosa Roxburghii Extract
Derived from Rosa Roxburghii Tratt fruit. Contains about 27 times more vitamin C than lemon. Also contains 18 types of amino acids, 10 types of minerals & 6 types of vitamins.

Rooibos Tea Extract
Non-caffeinated, low tannin tea from South Africa, often referred to as the "miracle tea." Contains protein and various minerals as well as flavonoid, which can act as anti-oxidant.

Lactic Yeast
Contains well balanced minerals, vitamin B & C, amino acids and other nutrients necessary to give energy to the body.

Milk Calcium
A calcium derived from milk which is rich in minerals.

Coenzyme Q10
An anti-oxidant and a necessary substance for the body's energy production in a cellular level.

Natural sweetner. Anti-oxidant.
Over 70 types of nutrients supplement your health.
Minerals Calcium / Iron / Phosphorus / Sodium / Potassium / Zinc / Magnesium / Copper / Manganese Cobalt / Chrome / Nickel / Rubidium / Titanium / Molybdenum / Lithium / Selenium / Barium

Amino-acidsLysine / Methionine / Cystine / Tryptophane / Valine / Leucine / Isoleucine / Histidine / Threonine / Phenylalanine / Asparagine acid / Alanine / Serine / Glutamic acid / Proline / Glycine / Tyrosine / Arginine

CarbohydratesOligosaccharide / Isoinositol Glycogen / Galactomannan / Glucogalectin / Glucomannan

Fatty AcidsButyric acid / Lauric acid / Myristic acid / Pentadecanoic acid / Palamitic acid / Palmitoleic acid / Heptadecanoic acid / Stearic acid / Oleic acid / Linoleic acid / Linolein / Arachidonic acid / Eicosenoic acid

Vitamins and other nutrientsVitamin B1 / Vitamin B2 / Folic acid / Niacin / Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B12 / Pantothenic acid / Biotin / Vitamin C / Vitamin E / Tannin / Choline / Flavonoid / Rutin / Nucleic acid / Beta-carotene / Coenzyme Q10

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Los Angeles Area
Face Spa Skin Care by Etsuko Doi
1965 W. Huntington Dr., Alhambra, CA 91801
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Facials / Skin care / Make up
Face Spa by Christine
1828 Fletcher Ave., South Pasadena, CA 91030
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Wamiles Cosmetics by Viola Tam
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Mary's Beauty Spot
1600 Portrero Grande Dr. Suite 2, Rosemead, CA 91770
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Huang Chiu Mai Beauty Center
1108 S. Baldwin Ave. #201, Arcadia, CA 91007
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Skin care / Make up
La Belle
928 S. Western Ave. #221, Los Angeles, CA 90006
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Skin care / Make up
1331 7th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Facials / Skin care
Grace Skin & Nails
351 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036
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Facials / Skin care
South bay Area
Jun Hair Salon
16008 S. Western Ave. Bldg B, Gardena, CA 90247
Japanese, English
Facials / Skin care / Make up
Silk Tree Salon
3134 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance, CA 90505
Japanese, English
Facials / Skin care / Make up
Lily Skin Care Solutions
Hillside Village
24578 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505
Japanese, English
Facials / Skin care / Make up
Orange County Area
Wamiles Cosmetics & Skin Care
3505 Cadillac Ave., Bldg O-107, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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Facials / Skin care / Make up
Wamiles by Kinue Demura
3505 Cadillac Ave., Bldg O-107, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Japanese, English
Facials / Skin care / Make up
CK Skin Care
14770 Beach Blvd., La Mirada, CA 90638
Korean, English
Make up
East West Hair
675 Paularino Ave. #4, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Japanese, English
Skin care
San Diego Area
Winds Face & Body Studio
2653 Roosevelt St # B, Carlsbad, CA 92008
Make up
San Francisco Area
Kabuki Beauty Salon
771 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
Japanese, English
Facials / Skin care / Make up
New York Area
International Beauty Academy
6534 Castor Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19149
Facials / Skin care
Canada Area
Shirly Law
638 Butterworth Wynd
Edmonton, Alberta T6R 2H8
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North Road Centre
#214A-4501 North Road
Burnaby, B.C. V3N 4R7
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Basic Care

Restore the ideal turnover cycle with the basic skincare regimen.

For radiant, healthy skin…

Cleanse, nourish, and tone – the simple, 3 Step Basic Line will bring out your natural, healthy skin.
Recommended for those concerned with: fine wrinkles, spots, dullness or sagging.

The significance of daily skincare


Ioune Soap

Ionne Soap

Skin Emulision

Ioune Soap

Contains natural herbs to gently remove impurities without drying up the skin.
The clear soap creates fine lather that leaves your skin smooth and clean.
( Dry to normal skin )
・100g / 3.52oz ( With soap dish )

Ionne Clay Soap

Sea clay helps to remove excess oil and impurities without putting a burden on your skin.
Fine lather that gently washes away dirt and impurities, leaving your skin refreshingly clean.
( Oily to combination skin )
・100g / 3.52oz ( With soap dish )

Skin Emulsion

・150ml / 5.07 fl.oz
An oil-type skin cleanser for removing deeper make-up spots by naturally lifting dense areas without damaging your skin. Just wash after gently rubbing in a circular motion for a refreshing feeling after use. We recommend use with the soap to maintain healthier skin.


Ioune Cream

Ionne Cream

Ioune Cream

( All skin types )
・53g / 1.87oz
Super rich cream with nourishing ingredients keeps your skin smooth, firm and resilient.
Formulated with various vitamins and minerals along with natural oils for deep moisturizung and nourishing effect.

Ionne Cream

( For oily skin )
・53g / 1.87oz
Leaves your skin refreshed, smooth and moisturized for hours.
Formulated with vitamins, minerals, and natural oils. A lighter cream recommended for those who are concerned about blemishes or rough skin.


Ionne Lotion

Ionne Lotion

( All skin types )
・100ml / 3.38 fl.oz
Fully moisturize and tone your skin. Keeps the skin fresh and soft for hours.
Refreshingly smooth, light lotion will hydrate your skin, leaving it firm and supple. Restores the pH of your skin to mild acidic state (healthy, normal skin condition). Tones and helps your skin fight dryness and blemishes.
Contains stearyl glycyrrhetinate, dipotassium glycyrrhizate and allantoin that offer anti-inflammatory action to keep your skin healty.

The Mineral

A gift to your skin – the luxurious 3 step skincare

Wamiles advocated ” The quest for beauty” as the eternal theme since the company was founded in 1980. The foundation of our creation were pursued through the possibilities of minerals. Our continuous efforts in product development have crystallized into The Mineral Line – the skincare line for women who desire to achieve a higher level of beauty.

Experience the effects of the highest grade minerals.

The ultimate skincare created by the wisdom of Wamiles


Mineral Soap

The Mineral Soap

Gently caress your skin with silky smooth,
mineral rich foam for a natural refreshing feeling

The rich lather that gently caress your skin for the ultimate cleansing experience of freshness and resilience, a moisturized and silky smooth touch- the triple effect will bring you the ultimate in cleansing sensations never experienced before. Achieve celar, smooth, and supple skin every time you cleanse.
(Formulated with CSW III, Rare Clay, Platinum iron)
・110g / 3.9 oz


The Mineral Lotion

Unfold the beginning of life with Bio Liqueur
Deep-sea water yeast derived Bio Liqueur ( the equivalent of amniotic fluid for skin cells), the Cosmic Mineral, and Condensend sea water will condition and control the environment deep within your skin cells to nurture your skin. From the moment you apply the lotion, you can feel the luxurious sensation as it spreads and thoroughly hydrates your skin. The micro-moisture delivery system creates pathways in between your cells to help moisture reach the deepest layers of your skin.
(Formulated with Cosmic Mineral, CSW II, Bio Liqueur, Active Hyaluronic Acid Complex, ATP, CoQ10)
・100ml /3.4 fl.oz


Minera Cream

The Mineral Cream

Fill your cells with vitalic energy
Three step nano-emulsion: A gel-like network of microscopic capsules filled with vital skincare nutrients. The luxurious nutrients reqired to raise the skin cells' vital energy are released upon contact with your skin, traveling along the microscopic pathways created by The Mineral Lotion. The Double Lifting Effect will have immediate and long term effects on your skin to restore your skin's vibrance and beauty, from inside and out.
(Formulated with Cosmic Mineral, CSW II, Lithospermum Officinale Root Extect, Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract, Astaxsanthin, CoQ10)
・48g / 1.7 oz


Raise the barrier function with regimen for sensitive skin.

Hydrate and restore….

Extra gentle, super moisturizing formula. Derived from carefully selected plants and mineral rich deep sea water.
Recommended for those with sensitive skin or extremely dry skin.

The significance of daily skincare

Viphyse Soap Refiner


(For sensitive skin)
・72g / 2.5 oz
Gently removes impurities while keeping the necessary moisture without leaving your skin taut or dry.
For sensitive skin and extremely dry skin caused by lowered barrier function. Creamy, soft lather will gently cleanse your delicate skin.

Viphyse Moisturizer


(For sensitive skin )
・80ml / 2.7 oz
Provides necessary moisture to your dry skin through the Micro-Moisture-Delivery system.
Smooth milky lotion full of emollients that will not leave your skin feeling sticky. It improves your skin's moisture retaining function and tones your skin to be soft and supple. Micro-Moisture-Delivery system delivers micro-sized emollients throughout the keratin layer, fully hydrating your skin.

Viphyse Nourishment


(For sensitive skin)
・30g / 1 oz
The emollient veil helps retain the moisture within your skin and keep the stimulants away.
Prevents water loss by coating the skin with a thin film, and prevents the stimulants from irritating the skin. By creating a lamellar structure whithin the keratin layer, it supports the function of intercelluar lipids. Use with Viphyse Moisturizer to bring out true ability of your skin and improve the barrier function to regain healthy, radiant skin.

Personal Care

Focusing on your skin

Tailoring skincare to specific individual needs

The essence of the 4th step was born from the search for the beauty of bare skin.

The essence for healthy, vibrant skin in every drop…

BioCell Vitalizer a2

BioCell Vitalizer αII

・38ml / 1.3 fl.oz
The BioCell Vitalizer α II is intended to fight off the factors of aging skin before they can do the damage. By simply incorporating it into your daily skin care regime, it will support the natural strength the skin possesses, leading it to become clear, purified and moisturized.

It contains our original fermented Japanese plum juice extract, which has just the right amount of amino acids, along with serine, glycerin, and alanine, which help maintain the moisture in the skin and the skin’s elasticity. Vitamin B2 works to renew proteins and stimulate synthesis of amino acids, resulting in a healthier, younger looking skin.

Furthermore, BioCell Vitalizer α II contains ingredients for healthy skin that were emulsified and compressed into tiny capsules measuring approximately 10nm in diameter. This means improved absorbency of effective ingredients and delivery of more moisture into the skin. Wake up the next morning to discover a softer, dewy skin, and with each repeated use, you will feel that your skin is becoming healthier and more vibrant.

Vital Treatment EX

Vital Treatment EX

・15g / 0.5 fl.oz
Quickly and effectively rejuvenates damaged areas such as spots and wrinkles.
Pamper your skin with the power of oil

Fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin means your skin needs extra moisture. But, is moisture the only thing your skin is craving for? The key to having a youthful, radiant skin, maintaining the proper balance between moisture, lipids (oil) and NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) is essential.

Facial Oil Effica

Facial Oil Effica

Anti-inflammatory and pore cleansing oil. Vitamin A helps promote nomal oil secretion. Jojoba oil helps breakdown oil clogged in the pores. Chinese herbs help soothe the skin.
・25ml / 0.85 fl.oz
(Squalane, Jojoba oil, Vitamin A, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Chinese herbs)

Subskin Lipid

Subskin Lipid

Anti-aging, gel-type oil. Formulated with collagen production promoting Vitamin C derivative. Jojoba oil, and macadamia nuts oil moisturize your skin.
・25ml / 0.85 fl.oz
(Vitamin C derivative, Vitamin E, Rosemary essence, Carrot oil, Oryzanol, squalane, Jojoba oil, Macadamia nuts oil, Olive oil, Lecithin)
Skin Treatment D

Skin Treatment D

Helps maintain moisture balance and heals your skin's natural revitalization functions.
・20g / 0.7oz
Your trustful UV care

Sunprot Ectessenc e

Sunprotect Essence ε

・30ml / 1.01fl.oz
Great Sun protection with non-chemical ingredients
Sunprotect Essence ε effectively blocks the UV (SPF 32, PA++) without using any chemical based UV absorbents! You can safely use it for your face and body or even on baby's skin.

No white residue, repels perspiration and sebum
Light, smooth finish and no white residue! The clear application gives your skin a natural look, so it's good for men too!